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Easy iPhone Video Edits Without Additional Software

You finish recording your video and you need to make some quick edits.

Here's how to edit without any extra software.

First, go to your Photos app. Once you find the video you're looking for, tap on edit in the upper right-hand corner. There are a few tools built into the editing but today let's look at iMovie. You can access the built-in features by clicking those three dots in the upper right-hand corner.

Within the iMovie app built into Photos, you can add titles, you can add filters, you can add music–lots of stuff built right in here.

In the video above, we've added a quick title. Then you can browse for music; you can look at your own music or the soundtracks that are already built-in. Go through and preview each soundtrack, and once you've found the one that works for you, you can apply it to your video.

Easy as that. Once you've got that done, all you've got to do is export and you're ready to upload to your favorite platform.

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