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Google Alert Roundup

Hey! I keep a Google alert for stuff I'm interested in. Here's what stood out recently:

PlayersTV Is Set To Transform Athlete Media Distribution With Unique Innovation And Technology: It is estimated that over 120 current and former athletes have production companies. With most broadcast entities only interested in the big names because of their followings, content from the lesser-publicized athletes often ends up being sold off, fragmented and a lot of great stories go unseen. Enter PlayersTV. Read more.

Who Qualifies for Paid Leave Under the New Coronavirus Law: The coronavirus emergency relief package, which became law Wednesday, gives many American workers paid leave if they need to take time off work because of the virus. Read more. More here.

7 types of tech tools to help lawyers set up virtual offices: For lawyers across the country, the concept of working remotely from their law firms became an unsettling reality nearly overnight as many governors and mayors began requiring the closure of non-essential businesses earlier this week due to the current pandemic. If you’re one of those lawyers or staffers, then you’re undoubtedly struggling to identify the tools your “virtual” law firm needs to get up and running quickly so that you can work remotely from home and continue to serve your clients’ important legal needs. Read more.

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