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Motivation Through Planning

Motivation. How do we keep it? How do we maintain it? How do we renew it?

As young professionals, we have lots of things to manage: relationships, time, money, priorities; the list goes on. For me, motivation to stay on task and get those things done can come in the form of putting those things into a plan.

It sounds simple, but it's effective.

Get those thoughts and ideas and wants and needs and duties onto paper. Into a calendar. Into your Google calendar.

However you need to organize it. But for me, seeing those thoughts and ideas and duties put into a prioritized list or - even better - scheduled for a time on the calendar, motivates me to get those done. What would have been just wishes and hopes now become a plan; now become something that we're working toward and taking concrete steps on.

I would encourage you to try this out if you're having any issues or deficits in motivation. Try just writing it down, making a plan, and taking it step by step.

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